Boost Cville
On a mission to connect the UVA student community to the greater Charlottesville community through electric skateboard rentals.
This is a video made by our team that was featured by MTV University.
Boost Cville is a crazy idea that myself and three friends turned into a reality our senior year at the University of Virginia. Here's how it all started. My fourth year at UVA I found there's this huge gap between the Charlottesville community and the student community at UVA. This gap is bad because it keeps a lot of UVA students blind to the problems that the larger Charlottesville community is facing.

Closing this gap has been difficult in the past because UVA students tend to stay within a bubble while attending the University, about a 2 mile radius outside of the University's grounds. Engaging with the larger Charlottesville community either requires having a car (which many students do not have the privilege to own), taking an expensive Uber or Lyft, or taking the bus and then having to walk over a mile to your intended destination.

Boost Cville is an electric skateboard rental company which closes the gap between the UVA and Charlottesville community. The company closes this gap by encouraging UVA students to leave their bubble and explore the greater community. Boost Cville provides affordable skateboard rentals, safety gear, lessons, and maps of the best places to go explore in Charlottesville.