A nonprofit that provides tech and entrepreneurship education to UVA students
Pioneering Design Education
During my third year at the University of Virginia I discovered a passion for graphic design. After learning the basics of the Adobe Creative Suite, collaborating on design projects with peers at UVA, and working with freelance clients on design projects, I decided I wanted to help other students learn graphic design skills. Working with the team at HackCville, I helped to pioneer two design programs for UVA students.

The first program I led was a semester long graphic design class. I developed the curriculum for the course, taught more than 50 students during the fall and spring semester of my fourth year, and led a team of 3 design instructors and teaching assistants. The second program I led was a 5 week summer intensive program in graphic design. I developed the curriculum for the course, taught and personally mentored 15 students during the summer, led a team of 2 teaching assistants, and helped to pair all of the students with summer internships in graphic design.

During my time at HackCville I was also able to lead a Design Thinking Hackathon. During this Hackathon I collaborated with student led startups to find the biggest problems they were facing with their ventures. I then led students through the design thinking process, conducting user research, and iterating on solutions to these problems. After the Hackathon many of the participants continued working with these student led startups to help them with customer discovery, building an MVP, sales/marketing, and more! Check out some images from my time at HackCville below!

A 12 week semester long program in the Adobe Creative Suite and Graphic Design

A 5 week intensive summer program in the Adobe Creative Suite and Graphic Design