Radify Labs
Our team developed online technical skill and career development programs for college students and recent graduates interested in User Experience Design, Graphic Design, Marketing, and Product Management.

Summary of Results:
• 260 students participated in Radify Labs programming
• Formed licensing deal with UVA Career Center
• Helped program graduates find jobs and internships

Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer
Allison Garrett (Co-Founder and CMO)
Andy Page (Co-Founder and CEO)
Liesel Reussner (Program Manager)
Sue Durnwirth (Director of Recruiter Relations)
March 2018 - Present

43% of college students are underemployed after graduation.
$7.7 Billion
This underemployment leaves $7.7 billion on the table every year in lost potential earnings.
On average there is only one career counselor for every 3,000 college students.

Potential Solutions
Flexible Online Training Programs
Part time programs allow students to participate in training in their free time either during the university semester or over the summer.
Technical Skill Development
Technical skill training allows students to add in-demand skills to their resumes and learn industry tools that are not being taught in their courses.

User Research
The Learner
  • We interviewed 30 current college students about their goals and the experiences they were pursuing to reach those goals.

We discovered that many students felt they were lacking both the hard skills and the professional skills they needed to get the jobs and internships they wanted.
The Learning Outcome
  • Our team interviewed 15 career counselors 10 employers about the skills they felt recent graduates were lacking.

We discovered that career centers felt unequipped to provide additional technical skill training to students and that employers felt students lacked professional skills.

Design and Development
Industry Tools
During the program students learned industry standard tools such as the Adobe Creative Suite and Figma.
Skill Principles
The program gave students a strong foundation of principles and methodologies central to the field.
Hands-on Projects
Students practiced using industry tools and principles by completing daily hands-on projects.
Online Curriculum
The curriculum for the program lived on an online learning portal that was self-paced and self-guided.
Slack Communication
All communication for the program happened through the Radify Labs Slack Community.
Video Meetings
Students met with mentors and program coaches weekly on Google Hangouts for check-ins and feedback.

Key Insights
150 students participated in an initial cohort of the program during the summer of 2018
Students Want More Specialization
The first program focused on introducing 5 different tech skills to students in one week segments. Students found it interesting to explore different career paths but students wanted to be able to specialize in one specific skillset.
Students Valued Professional Skill Training
The first program focused solely on skill development but students received professional development help in 1:1 sessions with coaches. Students wished for more formal professional development training during the program.
Our Team Found It Difficult To Manage Virtual Internships
The final project for the first program included a virtual internship with a small business. Our team found it difficult to manage virtual internships because of their online nature and because each student had their own individual internship.

Summary of Results
260 Student Participants
260 students from all across the United States have participated in Radify Labs programming.
Licensing With UVA Career Center
Radify Labs secured a licensing deal with the UVA Career Center to run an online program for 175 UVA students.
Job And Internship Placements
Radify Labs students found jobs and summer internships at startups like Tablee and larger organizations like Microsoft.