Our team developed and implemented a marketing strategy for Adobe products at UVA and in the Charlottesville community. Our goals were to teach students how to use the Adobe programs and gain free trial downloads.

Summary of Results:
Surpassed goal set by Adobe by gaining more than 200 free trial downloads of Adobe Creative Cloud
70 high school and college students attended our workshops throughout the year

Lead Brand Ambassador
Allison Garrett (Lead Brand Ambassador)
Emily Yun (Lead Brand Ambassador)
Sophia Woods (Brand Ambassador)
Maddie Boehnlein (Brand Ambassador)
August 2017 - May 2018

Student Personas
Background: Interested in pursuing a career in marketing, passionate about business
Goal: Gain design skills that will look good on his resume
Challenges: Realized in his last marketing internship that many other marketing students have Photoshop skills
Common Objections: Adobe software is expensive and I'm not totally sure I need it to pursue a career in marketing
Chandler Lee
University of Virginia '20
Major in Business, Concentration in Marketing
Interested in Marketing
Background: High school student interested in STEAM, loves anything involving technology
Goal: Learn new things and develop her passions
Challenges: Interested in art and technology but does not have access to those types of classes at her school
Common Objections: I don't have access to many classes that excite me and involve technology at my school
Bri Brown
Charlottesville High School, Freshman
Wants to attend Virginia Commonwealth University
Interested in Technology

Student's Goal
Gain Resume Skills
Chandler's goal is to develop skills he can add to his resume so he can be a competitive candidate for marketing jobs. He is excited about marketing and is most concerned about developing a resume that will make him a highly sought after candidate.
Develop Passions
Bri's goal is to develop her passions for technology and art. She does not have many options at her high school for taking classes on technology and art but hopes to be able learn more and to study the two subjects during college.

Hypothesis of Strategy
Specific Skill Focused
For Chandler's customer persona I developed a strategy that focused on courses aimed at building specific skills within a particular Adobe program such as Photoshop or InDesign.
Exploratory Introductions
For Bri's customer persona I developed a strategy that focused on exploratory introductory workshops aimed at helping students learn about design and Adobe.

Logo Design with Adobe Photoshop
Chandler's customer persona was most interested in building specific skills he could add to his resume. To target this persona we hosted Adobe courses on specific, marketable skills such as logo design.
Introduction to Design with Adobe Illustrator
Bri's customer persona was most interested in learning about technology and finding her passions.To target this persona we hosted workshops on design and basic introductions to software such as Adobe Illustrator.

Key Insights
Adobe Skill Courses
We hosted 5 different skills courses on different Adobe software programs and marketable skills that university students could add to their resumes such as logo design, social media posts, or poster design. The success of these workshops stemmed from partnerships created with student organizations aligned at UVA.
Adobe Introductory Workshops
We hosted 3 different exploratory introduction workshops on different Adobe software programs and graphic design. The success of these workshops stemmed from a partnership with a Charlottesville, Virginia nonprofit called Computers 4 Kids, a clubhouse where high school students can go to learn about technology. Our workshops with this nonprofit were well attended by high school students in the Charlottesville area.

Summary of Results
More Than 200 Adobe Downloads
Our team surpassed the yearly goal of 150 Adobe free trial downloads, achieving more than 200 downloads.
70 Workshop Attendees
70 University of Virginia and Charlottesville high school students attended the Adobe workshops in total.