Plastic Free MVMNT
I believe that individuals can make a huge impact, this is a movement I started to help save the environment.
Scientists have recently claimed that there are no longer any beaches in the world untouched by plastic
Plastic Free MVMNT is a blog and initiative I began as a way to encourage myself and others to take on the plastic free lifestyle. Most people are aware of the fact that plastic waste is harmful to the environment but most are unaware of the scope of the environmental impact and unwilling to reduce their personal impact by making certain lifestyle choices. I've spoken to people who believe that corporations are the ones who have real impact on the environment and that instead of them using a reusable water bottle, corporations should stop producing items and releasing greenhouse gases that are harmful to the environment. I definitely don't disagree with this perspective but I do strongly believe that individuals can have a huge impact.

Over the past few years the biggest lesson I've learned in my life is that the only person you can control is you. And that's why I started this movement. If individuals change and demand change then we will create change in the world.

In this blog I write about my own journey and other's journeys into a plastic free lifestyle. I also write about adventures into trying to influence my friends and family to incorporate plastic free practices into their lives as well! I am not perfect at all and I don't carry all of my trash from the past four years around in a jar (see Bea Johnson and her blog Zero Waste Home, she's pretty cool). But I am trying to make a change for myself and the people around me!