Radify Labs
Online training programs in Marketing, Graphic Design, UX, and Product Management for college students and recent grads
Founding Radify Labs
Radify Labs was started by myself and my Co-Founder Andy Page in March of 2018 after we noticed many of our peers at the University of Virginia were struggling to develop the skills they needed to get the tech jobs and internships they wanted to pursue. Before starting Radify Labs, we worked at a nonprofit organization in Charlottesville, VA called HackCville. Through HackCville we helped run a summer program during which UVA students learned a tech skill such as graphic design or software engineering and then completed a summer internship with a business in Charlottesville.

During our last year at HackCville we received over 800 applications for this summer program which only had 60 spots. After having to send more than 700 rejection emails (which made us feel absolutely terrible) we decided to launch Radify Labs and bring this type of education online to serve more students. To date we've had over 200 students participate in our programming and numerous mentors from tech giants such as YouTube, Microsoft, and Pinterest help to mentor our students.

As a Co-Founder and the Chief Marketing Officer of Radify Labs I work to source students to participate in our programs, run all of our marketing efforts, assist with curriculum development, and source and manage all of our amazing mentors. You can check out some of the projects I worked on at Radify Labs below!

Email Newsletters
At Radify Labs I sent out weekly email newsletters to our 1,200 email newsletter subscribers

Virtual Events
At Radify Labs we run free virtual events like online conferences and competitions for students

Online Programs
At Radify Labs we run online programs that help college students develop their tech skills